My Slimming World Aims . . . 

So I haven’t mentioned yet but if you have seen my Instagram you will know that I have been on my slimming world journey since January 2016 and have lost 3 stone so far. 

To be perfectly honest I am an emotional eater and have struggled with this for many years. But last January I reached my limit at 17 stone 9 pounds. I was struggling to get upstairs and buying clothes at a size 24 was a nightmare. I hated myself and tried to find a way out. Slimming World has done more for me than I could have ever wished for and although I’m still on my journey I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. 

So for this month my goals are to try and stay on plan as best I can and to loose 2 pound a week. For me that is a reachable goal I just need to believe in myself and have faith that I can do this. 

*This is not a sponsored post and is in no way judging anyone else’s lifestyle. It is purely my thoughts on my own experiences*

Much Love . 

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