with Weekday Hell …

Happy Sunday evening everyone, 

I’ve had quite a relaxed weekend after what was a hellish week at work. There isn’t much that can send my stress levels into overdrive however give me two days of ofsted and you really see me at my worst. 

However that being said I am lucky enough to have an amazing team that I work with (family really) and we pulled it together and left on Friday with smiles all round. I know my teaching is good and I strive to make my lessons exciting and enriching for the kids I teach, but it really does freak you out having people you don’t know watching you. Especially when you putting silly voices on or pretending to be maths partitioning soldiers! 

Anyway so this weekend I have fallen in love with this beautiful embroidered top from George ASDA and for only £14 I couldn’t resist. Teamed with jeans and my trusty leather jacket I can’t wait to wear this in summer. 

Embroidered Top – George Asda – £14 

Leather Jacket – New Look – £17.99 (sale)

Jeans – Primark – £10 

Black Sandals – River Island – £8 (sale)

Brown Bag – Primark – £6 (old) 

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