First YouTube Video for a long long time . . . 

Hello everyone, so today I have recorded a primark haul for you all on my YouTube channel. I haven’t recorded a video in about 6 years so this is a big step for me and hopefully I’ve not done to bad. 

Watch YouTube Clip Here

If you are not interested in the video or would like a clearer shot of what I bought there are pictures here to have a look at. So enjoy . . . 

Denim shirt – £9.00

A demon shirt is a staple in my wardrobe it looks great over the top of so many outfits and is perfect when the weather is just a bit too cold. 

Nudes pallete – £4.00 

After seeing this on Instagram and YouTube I thought I’d make a cheeky purchase and see how good it is. 

Patterned Duvet – £12.00

After recently decorating my room recently, I am in need of some new duvets and the pattern on this one goes perfectly ! 


Shoulder Bag – £9.00 

I have been looking for a new bag for a while and I think this one is perfect for fitting every thing I need and I love the colour 

Scarf – £3.00

This is a beautiful shade of blue, I’m planning on attaching this to my new bag. 

Sunglasses – £3.00

Can’t resist another pair of gorgeous sun glasses that are stylish and can go with any outfit. 

Peach Paisley Scarf – £2.50

Another scarf, So pretty and will the perfect addition to any summer outfit ! 

Tribal Print Sandals – £6.00

Ridiculously comfy and the tribal print is perfect for summer! 

Camo Pack a Mac – £9.00 

Perfect for festivals or camping in general and will go with pretty much anything. 

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