Blush and Black Styling

Hello everyone! 

It’s been a while since my last post as I’ve been busy writing school reports (all 27 of them) and looking after my parents dog also. I thought that today I’d bring you a wish list of some of the things I have in a favourites on H&M. I’ve noticed that they’ve had some great  matching items in blushes and blacks. Although black isn’t a typical Summer colour, it’s always a stable in my wardrobe. 

So without further a do, here they are . . .

Sleeveless Jumpsuit  £12.99 

I love this jumpsuit it looks so comfy and cosy. It looks like it would be good to keep cool in. I feel like it’s easy to dress this up or down so would be perfect for taking on holiday. 

Blush Shopper Bag  £17.99 

I think it’s really important to have a large bag that you know you can fit lots in. This will be perfect for when I need to take my laptop with me. I also think it’s perfect for if you wanted to go away for a day or long weekend and wanted to take more than you usual. Plus the colour is so lovely. 

Denim Shorts Skinny Regular  £19.99 

I have wanted a pair of black shorts for so long but haven’t found a pair that I’ve liked enough. There always either too low rise or to long. I really love the style of these and think they’d be great paired with a simple t and sandals. 


Blush Playsuit £24.99

Blush and lace I think always looks so nice together and this would be a perfect addition to any wardrobe. Similar to the jumpsuit I feel this could be dressed up or down and is great to take on holiday. 

Black Espadrilles £17.99

I love buying new shoes every summer and comfort is always my main key. These aren’t something I would normally buy but I love the leather look think they could go with so many outfits. 

Patterned Playsuit £12.99

I always love playsuits as I feel they are perfect for Summer and take enjoyment in knowing my backside won’t be peeking out. The pattern is a perfect mixture of tribal and stripes. 
So that’s everything! I hope you find this useful and drop me a comment letter know good things you’ve seen in H&M recently. 

Much Love 


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