Feeling comfortable in yourself

Hello lovelies,

So today I am bringing you an outfit post from a recent trip to York. I love that mustard is everywhere at the minute and the colour goes with so many different styles and skin tones. I am very pale and some colours can wash me out or as my mum would say (make me look ill). I used to fake tan a lot but I’ve been trying to learn to love the skin I’m in.

Many know that I have struggled with my weight ever since being a teenager and recently after loosing 4 stone in the past have began to slowing gain some of that weight back. Granted I am in no way the size I used to be and I’m coming to terms with the fact that I need to get back on track, however with the change in weather and noticing that last years winter clothes don’t quite fit the same I am struggling to feel comfortable in myself.

Which is where I bring you to this outfit post and why I treat myself to this gorgeous dress from Asda, I’ve been buying a few staples to get me through winter and help me feel more confident in myself so that I can get back on track.


  • Mustard Dress – Asda – £16.00 (Buy Here)
  • Black Faux Leather Jacket – New Look – £35.99 (Similar Here)
  • Khaki Scarf – Primark – £4.00 (Similar Here)
  • Black Boots – Primark – £14.00
  • Tan Bag – Primark – Old Stock


So didn’t want to be a downer on this post as I do genuinely love this outfit and I felt amazing in it. I just feel there is so much pressure on weight and how you look, and I when I hear that people have commented about my weigh gain it frustrates me. I have worked hard to loose what I have and to feel good about myself and we need to start being kinder to each other. So anyway, rant over.

If you’ve ever been put down or been made to feel uncomfortable in your own skin please message me, and lets support each other!

Peace and Love always!

Lizzie Florence x

One thought

  1. I’m loving mustard at the moment too, that’s a lovely dress and there’s nothing like buying something new that you feel great in to lift your spirits! People can be nasty, I always think it’s more about how you feel about yourself than what other people think, but it’s definitely hard to ignore nasty comments sometimes!
    Amy xx


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