When you want a good meal and a few drinks.

Hello Everyone, hope you are all well.

Today I am writing a review of a local restaurant that has had a recent revamp.

The Restaurant

Beefeater in Hull has been given a total refurbishment and has a new lease of life with a fresh and inviting décor. If you had been to this restaurant before the refurbishment you will be impressed with how good it looks now.

The Price

So I was kindly given £60 to spend across the menu which was more than enough for two people to have 2 courses each and a couple of rounds of drinks. Starters averaged between £5 and £7 pound and mains were between £10 and £15, with steaks costing a little more. Drinks were standard as to be expected depending on what you are looking for.

The Food

At Beefeater Hull the menu is strongly designed around families, with a range of usual favourites a well as some interesting additional offers. They have a great choice of steaks with additional sauces for you to choose from. The menu is also happy to cater for vegetarians with choices in most areas of the menu. If you  are bringing little ones with you, you will be please to know that there children’s menu has been ranked in the Top 5 healthiest menus in the UK!


So Michael and I started with two different starters, both of which  we enjoyed thoroughly. I ordered the Arrabiata Meatballs which were £5.49 and the portion size was just right to get your taste buds going. They came in a delicious tomato sauce and the toasted ciabatta was a lovely addition . Michael ordered the Buttermilk Chicken Coujons which were £5.99 and were served with a smoky tomato dip. Michael  said “the soft chicken and creamy sauce mixed with the jalapenos made an interesting and tasty combination.”

Arrabiata Meatball Starter
Buttermilk Chicken Goujons Starter


For mains I had the Chargrilled Chicken & Woodland Mushroom Risotto priced at  a very reasonable £11.20. This was chicken breast served with a delicious mushroom and cherry risotto as well as warm flat bread pieces. I was so impressed with the portion size of this dish and couldn’t actually finish the whole thing even though I really tried! Michael had the 6oz Flat Iron Steak with Triple Peppercorn Sauce and Chips (which were unlimited). Priced at £11.19 for the Steak etc, and an extra £1.49 for the sauce. Michael has a background in butchery and stated that the steak was “cooked just right when asked for medium rare and was a succulent and tender steak, the peppercorn sauce was a flavoursome and creamy addition to the meal and worth the extra money.

Chargrilled Chicken & Woodland Mushroom Risotto Main
6oz Flat Iron Steak with Triple Peppercorn Sauce Main

The Drinks

The drinks menu offers a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options with plenty to choose from. Michael tried one of the ales that they had on offer which was Doombar at £3.35 a pint. I had a Cuba Libre first which was £4.99 and contained a generous amount of rum and tasted delicious. I then tried their Chambord Royale at £5.99 which again was well priced and beautifully presented.



The Service

The service at Beefeater was pleasant and thoughtful, you are greeted at the door with a friendly and welcoming smile and taken to your table. Time was taken to ask if the seating was okay and we were offered drinks as soon as we sat down. All staff were extremely helpful and were happy to assist in any questions. The staff were attentive and regularly came to check things were to our liking. It is great that this new refurbishment has been able to offer some new jobs to the people of Hull.


Michael and I had a fantastic evening at the Beefeater Hull, and would happily visit again in the future. If you are looking for somewhere to go for an enjoyable meal; whether with friends with drinks or with the family, you will have a great evening here without spending a fortune.

To book a table or see their menu visit their Website

Let me know if you have been and what your thoughts were!

Lizzie x

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