How to relax in winter.

Hello everyone, Hope you are well.

So today I’m writing to give you an example of what my perfect winter night in would look like. I love winter, it’s one of my favourite seasons and one of my favourite things to do is cosy up in front of the telly and have a TV binge session. There are a couple of things that make the perfect night in; comfy clothing, tasty food, good things to watch and a high quality TV to watch it on. Michael and I watch films and TV on a daily basis, so having a 4K UHD TV to watch it on is very important to us. One TV that makes you feel like you are at the cinemas is the 65″ Ultra HD 4K Pro Oled TV from Panasonic. When tucked up watching a film on this the screen quality will blow you away.


What to wear

Clearly comfort is an important part of a good night in, not having to worry getting dressed up or having a full face of make up is one of the things I love about winter  nights in (who wants to go out in the freezing cold without tights anyway?) and don’t even get me started on shaving legs. So for me jumpers are my go to when getting comfy on the sofa, they keep you warm, the feel snug and if Christmas themed they get you excited for Christmas!

Here I am wearing my new red and white star jumper I recently bought from ASDA. They had a great discount of 25% of knitwear so this was a super bargain. I also feel its not so Christmassy that I can’t wear it after the 25th of December. (I might be wrong)


What to Watch

I would imagine by now that most of you have Netflix or at least someone’s login (I don’t judge) so I thought I’d give you some ideas of what you could watch over the this winter season. All of these I have watched so they are my honest opinions and genuine favourites. On a side note there isn’t a choice for chick flicks because in all honesty I can’t stand them.

If you like Horrors     Gerald’s Game     Now this one for me was a game changer in terms of expectations for a horror film. Any one who knows me will know I am a huge horror film fan with a collection well over a 100 in my house. This particular Stephen King adaptation was so well crafted and thought provoking. With a perfect mix of chills and gore it actually freaked me out which horrors don’t normally do now. 

If you like to Binge watch     Stranger Things    I’m sure that by now I don’t need to tell you how well received has become. If you haven’t seen it where have you been living? Anyway just in case you haven’t Stranger Things is a SciFi / Horror film set in an American town. Imagine Alien meets Stand by Me and that’s Stranger Things. It’s genuinely worth watching just for the soundtrack. 

If you like Documentaries      GaGa Five Foot Two    Ever since the beginning of her career I have loved everything that GaGa has done. She is amazingly talented. It would be a dream to see her live but I unfortunately the opportunity has never come up. This documentary made me appreciate her so much more and how wet don’t realise what it takes to do the job she does. It is very much worth the watch.  

If you like Comedies     Rick and Morty   Well what to say about Rick and Morty. . . Rick and Morty is a hilarious and sometimes shocking cartoon series. It is full of cursing, fantastic insults and brilliant movie parodies that are sure to keep you entertained and laughing. All the seasons are on Netflix so go and what them!

If you like Sci-Fi     The Martian     The Martian is a 2015 film staring Matt Damon that is based on a book of the same name. It is about an Astronaut who is on the planet Mars with his team that are researching the possibilities of colonising the planet. When something goes wrong Matt Damon’s character ends up stranded and has to figure out how to survive. Its a great watch and one were you really care about the character and want to see him succeed. 

Would you rather go out or have a night in?

What are you watching on Netflix?

Let me know!

Lizzie x

*ad* links in this post were paid for however my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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