Feeling Very Blessed.

Hello Everyone, Hope you are all having a wonderful time this festive season. Today I thought I would share with you some of the wonderful items that I received from my family and friends. *disclaimer: I am in no way boasting about what I have received* but if any of you are as nosey as me you love reading posts like this. So I thought I’d show you a picture of all my gifts and then focus on a few specific gifts.

Close Ups


Fit Bit Alta – From Mamma and Pappa: I am so grateful for my parents buying me a new Fitbit Alta, I have previously owned one however after loosing it for quite some time it then wouldn’t charge properly. I have previously talked about my weight loss and when I had my Alta it really helped to keep me motivated.


Amazon Fire 7 – From Michael: I was never expecting this off Michael and it was such a thoughtful gift. Michael knows that I have been wanting to read more and struggle to find the time. It was so lovely that he bought this for me and I have already set it up and bought myself some books to get me started.



Studio Ghibli Movies and Gifts – From Michael and Michaels Parents: As you may have seen on my Instagram I am a bit of a Ghibli fan. My N.eighbour Totoro being one of my favourites. So to be given a collection of the movies I cant wait to watch them. The cushion cover will go perfectly with the colours in our bedroom and the pens will make a fab edition to my desk at work. (the kids will love them)


Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium – From Michael: Wow, I mean wow, I can’t believe Michael bought me this amazing perfume. I was ages ago when Michael and I were out shopping and I’d said how  amazing this smelt but in no way would I be able to afford it. So damn the boy done good with this one.


Floral Mustard Scarf – From Hollie: So my sister and I are both teachers so in the half term holidays when we are both off we always go shopping to Meadowhall and York. I had spotted this in New Look and fell in love instantly and Hollie was kind enough to buy it for me.


Soap and Glory Box Set – From Mamma and Pappa: My Mamma knows how much I love Soap and Glory and is kind enough to get the me the big boxset each year for Christmas. This will have enough products in it to last a good while and I cant wait to test out some of the products. Let me know if you’d like me to do a proper review!


Next Paradise Perfume – Mamma and Pappa: So as lovely and amazing the Black Opium is I would definitely save it for special occaisions. So when looking for a day to day perfume my Mamma and I came across this gorgeous scent from Next and as my Mamma always says “did you want it for Christmas and I’ll put it away?” Do your parents ever do that?

So as a I said I am so grateful for my gifts and have thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with my family and friends. I hope you guys have too.

What fab gifts did you get for Christmas?

Lizzie x




4 Thoughts

  1. I had a fabulous Christmas and my fiance’ got me a Chromebook and I absolutely love it! I needed a new computer but I had no idea she was getting me one. Then she got me a gym membership for the huge community gym we live behind so it’s been fantastic! Great post!


  2. Looks like you got quite the set-up! I’m loving the yellow scarf….soooo many different ways to use that! Happy belated Holidays!


  3. Such lovely gifts. I really loved all my gifts too. Some of my favourites was an album I got by the artist Lecrae as well as my new purse! I hope your having an awesome day. Many Blessings, Grace.


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