My Beauty Favourites of 2017

Hello everyone!

Hope your all well and rested in this holiday season. I for one am thoroughly enjoying the break from work even if my head is never fully away from teaching. Anyway, today I thought I do a post on some of the beauty items that I’ve really loved over the past year. It’s a range of different items but all which I have loved.


So What Have I Chosen?


Soap and Glory: Butter Yourself – Boots – £10.00 (Buy Here)

This is my go to product for sorting out my dry skin. Whenever I get out the shower I always use this afterwards to make my skin feel super smooth. It smells incredible and is perfect to put on before you tan to ensure you don’t get any streaks. The bottle itself is a 500ml and it lasts so long so you don’t mind spending £10.00 on it.


Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer – Boots – £6.49 (Buy Here)

I have tried so many different concealers this year, to many to name, and I always keep coming back to the same one. I buy this concealer in Ivory as I’m pretty pale. It does a fantastic job of covering up my spots which in stressful times I get quite a lot so for me that’s an important factor. In terms of covering the insane bags I get under my eyes (what can I say I’m a teacher… we’re tired) its does well as long as I don’t keep rubbing my eyes we are good to go for the day.



Mugler Alien Eau de Parfum – Boots – £70.00 (Buy Here)

Now this is the one item on my list that I would consider to be a splurge. I don’t like spending massive amounts on beauty products however this is one that I just cannot resist. For me I usually don’t like perfumes that are of the floral scent, on the website this is described as a floral-woody scent which is to die for. I only use it for “special occasions” as my mum would say or if we are going out for the day as it is definitely a scent that lasts.


Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation – Boots – £7.99 (Buy Here)

This is a product that I have recently found and have fallen in love with. It is a great foundation with SPF 20 which is really important for me as I burn very easily. I usually buy this in the shade “light porcelia” which I a great match to my skin tone and has great coverage. The consistency is not to heavy and I feels light on the skin. When at work running around after the children my day can sometimes be a 10 hour day if not more and even after that it feels like its still giving me good coverage.



Rimmel Scandal Xxtreme Mascara Black  – SuperDrug – £6.99 (Buy Here)

So Similar to the concealer I have tried lots of different mascaras this  year and this one I’ve found to be really effective. It has a great flexible brush that is great for insuring you get those little lashes on the edges. I’ve had this one a while and it doesn’t clump which is a big bonus.


Primark Matte Lipstick #Selfie – Primark – £2.50 

I feel like Primark make up can sometimes be a bit hit or miss depending on what it is that your looking for. However with these lipstick I feel they’ve really done right here. The packaging and design isn’t exactly amazing but the lipstick itself does the job. This one in particular which is #selfie has a fab purple undertone and lasts a good amount of time on a night out.




Fake Me Tanning Mousse in Medium – Home Bargains – £2.50 ish?

So again I don’t like spending lots of money on beauty products if I can help it and for me as long a it does the job I don’t care about the label. This tanning mousse is one of the best that I have come across. So far I’ve never had streaks from using it and it doesn’t have that horrible biscuit smell to it either. Usually if I’m going out and want to have a bit of a tan, I’m usually in a rush so need something that dries pretty quickly and I feel this does the job.

My Final Thoughts

So these are my favourites of 2017, I love finding new products and trying out new items so if you have any favourites that you think I’d love let me know! I think from these choices it shows that I enjoy good quality products but also like to save money where I can and I feel that’s something that I’m pretty good at.

Let me know your thoughts and a happy new year everyone!

Lizzie xx

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