Finding the Time

Hello Everyone, I hope you are well. So today I am bringing you and outfit post and a review for the new Star Wars film ‘The Last Jedi’. Now you may not know this as of yet but I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to Star Wars, (I can probably thank my boyfriend for that). But knowing this new film was coming out we knew we’d have to see it at Cinema. However unfortunately for me finding the time to go to the Cinema when in term time is pretty tricky.


So for this outfit I needed something that I could wear for work as well being able to go to Cinema in it afterwards. Now for me as a teacher my most important thing when dressing for work is layers. Running around the classroom, out on the playground or in a hall full of kids your body temp can change dramatically. (I’m not kidding you can go from shivering to the point where your toes curl to try and stay warm to within five minutes opening every window in your classroom and using a kids book as a fan.) So I generally tend to mix it up with either chunky scarves and chunky cardigans and with this outfit I went with the latter.


So anyways I digress. Star Wars was for me, a very enjoyable film. I know that it has had a lot of mixed review and I know some of the die hard Star Wars fans are not particularly happy with this film, however I think if you are looking to go and see a film that has some humour and tense parts as well as some moments that hit you in the feels then this for me did that. To be fair just seeing Carrie Fisher in her role of Princess Leia made it worth while for me. *oh and the Porgs, oh my word they are cute!*




Star Wars R2D2 Top – Primark  (current stock) – £6.00

Floral Midi Skirt – Boohoo (old stock) – £20.00 – Similar Here

Chunky Knit Cardigan – H&M (old stock) -25.00 – Similar Here

Black Shoulder Bag – Primark (old stock) – £8.00 – Similar Here

Tan Book Heels – Primark (old stock) – £18.00


Have you been to see Star Wars? What did you think? Let me know.

Lizzie xx

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