My tips for your perfect city break.

Hello everyone, hope you are well.

Todays post is inspired by my recent visit to‘s ‘Blog at the Beach’ event. The event consisted of three talks from three fantastic bloggers Queen Beady, Kaye Ford and Kirsty Leanne.  I left feeling so inspired and motivated to work hard on my blog this year. So I have decided to write a post on my tips for booking a city break. Having been on a few there are some knacks that I have come to use when planning and organising a city break.

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1. Check for the cheapest deals

Michael and I usually struggle to find cheap holidays because I am a full time teacher, we can only travel in the school holidays which is usually when the prices go up. (can’t be helped) However when looking for city breaks have a great search engine for finding the perfect city break for your price range. Our trip to Berlin was booked through and it was so much cheaper than we thought it would be.

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2. Plan your days

When going on a City break its often that you may only be going for a few days. You will want to get in as much of the City as you can so planning each day will make sure you don’t miss out. Looking at websites like tripadvisor will help you find places to visit at your destination. We have also looked at sites like and to find some of the more unusual sites you might not find in the typical guide.


3. Plan your hand luggage

A few times that we have done city breaks we have only taken our hand luggage and a crazy as I sounds it can be done (even a weeks worth… I know still not sure how we did that one) The important thing is to plan outfits that can be mix and matched i.e skirts and trousers with different tops, this will make it so much easier to pack. Another thing I usually do is restrict myself to only 3 pairs of shoes (very tricky). I also tend to steal some space in Michaels luggage so if you can do that then fully take advantage

4. Know the public transport

To save yourself time, money and effort, knowing the public transport of the area you are visiting is vital. Always check before you go whether the city does a weekly pass as it can save you so much money! (honestly), we’ve saved hundreds of pounds in the past. When we went to Berlin I marked the places we were planning on visiting then highlighting the train lines to each destination.


So they’re my top tips…

Not a huge amount but definitely ones that will help in your planning of your trip. I’d like to thank for the fantastic blogging event and for inspiring me to travel more and work harder on my blog this year.

Where are your recommendations for city breaks? Let me know?



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