Spots and Stripes.

Hello everyone, hope you are well.

Today I am bringing you a lovely Primark haul (you all know I love Primark!) We are very lucky in Hull that we have a good sized Primark in our Princes Quay shopping centre. It has a good variety of clothing and home items, it is safe to say that I never do a trip into town without popping in and treating myself. So here are some items that I have bought recently.



  • Black and White stripy top – Primark – £10.00 
  • Tan Faux Suede Pinafore – Primark £13.00

I am in love with these to items together, they go so well together and I feel like its a great transitional outfit from winter to spring. I am looking forward to styling this for both seasons.


  • Emerald Green Cropped Jumper – Primark – £13.00

This is an unusual one for me because it is not something that I would normally go for but I just loved the colour so much I couldn’t resist. It so comfy and soft I can’t wait to wear this with some high waist jeans or my denim pinafore.

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  • Studded shoes – Primark – £6.00

If there’s one thing I can’t resist at Primark its their shoes. They have so many amazing styles for such affordable prices. These are great for if you are popping out somewhere and want to add something a little different to a simple outfit.

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  • Green Detailed Earrings – Primark – £3.00

I have been looking to buy some tassel earrings for a while and when I saw the colour of these I knew I had to have them. I am wanting to tie my hair up more during the day but I always feel a bit bare when I do. So I’m hoping that having  these will make me feel great even with my hair up .

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  • Multiple Earrings Set – Primark – £3.00

I am terrible at looking after earrings and not loosing them, so I never like spending too much on pairs. These multi packs from Primark are great for me because they are simple designs to go with anything and it doesn’t matter if I loose a pair.

So that’s what I recently bought! I can’t wait to see what spring items they are going to start getting in. What have you bought from Primark recently? Let me know !


*This post contains affiliate links*

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