Still Cold…

Hello Everyone, Hope you are well..

So I am writing this blog post a little later than expected as work has had me insanely busy at the moment. (still absolutely loving teaching Foundation Stage though…) So anyway today I thought I’d bring you an outfit post with a little review at the end of something I was recently sent. Now the title to this post… Still Cold… I keep talking about how much I want it to be Spring but the reality is it is still Winter and its still bloody cold.

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I decided in the brief afternoon that we had snow in Hull I managed to capture an outfit post (the things we do as bloggers) So I thought I would share it with you today. I have never usually been a jumper kinda gal, as I have always felt they make me look larger than I already am. However I have recently come to realise that … I just don’t care!

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I bought this mustard velvet jumper from the New Look sale and it is so comfy I cannot believe it. I feel that cropped jumpers work well for my frame as you can still see that I have a waist. I recently bought another cropped jumper from Primark which you can see in my haul here.


Mustard Jumper – New Look – Sale – was £19.99 now £11.00 (buy here)

Tan Cut Out Heeled Boots – Primark – Old Stock – (similar here)

Red Floral Midi Dress – Dorothy Perkins – Old Stock – (similar here)


So our house this Winter has been absolutely freezing. We live in a terraced house but currently have no neighbours at either side of us (it’s not us honest). So trying to warm our house when Michael and I come home is a mammoth task. It consists of jumpers, blankets and hot water bottles waiting for at least one room to warm up. I was recently sent a plug in heater to review (which isn’t something you would normally see on my blog) and to be honest the way our house has been its been a welcome addition to the house.


So this plug in heater is a small sized tzko53271.jpgheater with 3 different power settings as well as a heater control. When turned on it is instantly warm and the strength of the heat is pretty impressive.

When plugged in my smart meter stated it would cost me £1.10 an hour on full heat. Which is pretty alright for me when we are using it to warm us up whilst the heating comes on.

One of the best features of this is heater is a safety button on the bottom. So that if it is knocked over it will turn off. Which is such and amazing feature. It is only £12.99 online and can be purchased online.


So that’s everything for today and I am sorry that this post has come late. Have you had any snow? Any tips for keeping warm through winter?

Love you guys



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