My Perfect Imperfections.

Hello Everyone, I hope you are well.

Today I thought I would bring you an outfit post and a bit of a chat about some of my wonderful flaws that make me who I am. In a post not so long ago I talked about how its okay to not be okay, and using daily struggles make me stronger, stemming from that I thought I’d talk about some of the things that other people may find annoying about me but how I generally don’t care because they make me who I am. . . So here are five things about me that may be annoying as hell to others.

One. I am a messy cooker

Please make sure you read the title of this one correctly! but yes when cooking or baking I generally make a huge mess. Michael can’t stand going in the kitchen after I’ve been in cause he just doesn’t understand how I can get so much food everywhere. For me I love cooking (when I have the time) but I am very much someone who throws a meal together (literally Michael would assume) I like to throw random spices etc into the mix and I can sometimes get carried away.

Two. I am on my phone a lot. 

I know most of us do spend a lot of time on our phones now but for some people this is very irritating. I try not to have my phone out when having a conversation with people unless it like Beccar because she knows I’m multitasking and I am paying attention (we both do it). For me and maybe you if you are a blogger too, I am always wanting to keep up to date with views/tweets/emails and if you are with someone who isn’t used to it, it can come across as annoying.

Three. I leave my shoes everywhere.

Another one here that I know definitely gets Michaels back up but yeah, leaving shoes around. Now yes I am talking about at home but genuinely my badness with this one is spreading. I know for a fact that there is at least two pairs of shoes at my work (one pair in the staffroom and one pair in my classroom). I am a bit of a hobbit tbh with shoes and if I’m trying to focus or get comfortable they have to come off. I can’t stand being in shoes that are uncomfortable so yeah they get left in places. (There is a pair in our shed as well.)

Four. I am a little obsessed with colour coding.

This is perhaps one of the only ones on the list that others may consider a good thing but yes I am all about the colour coding, and colour schemes for that matter. Working in a classroom and teaching as well as running 3 subjects, organisation is key. When it comes to knowing where something is or how something is organised it has to be colour coded. I just don’t have the time (or patience) to be rifling through random stuff. Some people consider it annoyingly over organising … I see it as a beautiful rainbow of order and consistency.

Five. I can be known to have a slight potty mouth. 

Now it has to be said that this flaw I can switch off literally like a button. Obviously in my line of work what you say is very important, and some people have said how impressed they are with my ability to switch from professional to… (not so professional). But its just something that I have become very accustom to doing. So yeah if I’m in the comfort of my own home … my bad.


Shop this look 

Black and White Stripy Top – Primark – £6.00 – (similar here)

Denim Pinafore – Boohoo – £25.00 (similar here)

Grey Longline Cardigan – Primark – £13.00 (similar here)

Tartan Scarf – Amazon – £4.68 – (buy here)

Pink Leather Hi-Top Converse – Office – was £70.00 now £30.00


So there we have it, there are my flaws that I am very proud of and there is also what I am wearing in this outfit. Which by the way I am in love with. I mean how amazing are my new converse! Can’t thank Michael enough for buying me them. The grey cardigan I fell in love with but after looking in three different Primarks I finally found it in my size at the Meadowhall branch.

So what are your wonderful flaws that you are proud of? Let me know!




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