Finally feeling ready to come back.

Hello everyone, I hope you are well.

It really has been a long time over a month I think. I feel disheartened that I haven’t kept up with my blogging but in time of need something has to give and unfortunately that is usually blogging. I had so many posts planned that I was going to do over the last month but there are a number of reasons I haven’t managed to; so I thought I’d fill you guys in and then hopefully this is the start of me getting back to it.


Work Taking Over 

So basically two weeks before the Easter Holidays all of the data for my lovely little class of 30 was due to be sent to our local authority. Now this is a mammoth task. It took two an half days of sat at a computer (which for a teacher is certainly not enjoyable) and was me assessing 30 children over 17 areas of learning so with 510 pieces to put in, it a real headache. . . but somewhat necessary none the less. So yes not very interesting but it caused me a few sleepless nights and migraines. However it is done now so I can get back to teaching and spending as much time with the kids as possible.


Sickness and more Sickness

A week before the Easter Holidays my health to a downhill jump (headfirst) and I had to have a few days of work (which I never do). After two and a half weeks of feeling rubbish Doctors told me to hold out. A week later it developed into an ear infection, I went to walk in centre, and after two hours I got some medication that didn’t help much. So 4 weeks later I managed to see my usual nurse and she gave me some Antibiotics which have wiped me out but hopefully they have worked. 

I do think that it shouldn’t have taken a month for me to get the help that I needed, but its one of those things were I know my own body. I always think if you know yourself that somethings not right, fight to ensure you get the best care possible.



Yellow & White Stripy Top – Primark – £10.00 – New Stock

Blue Floral Midi Skirt – Tessies – £20.00 – Old Stock

Denim Jacket – Primark – £25.00 – Old Stock (similar here)

Light Brown Boots – Asda – £12.00 –  (buy here)

This outfit is what I would consider a perfect transitional outfit, whether has been hit and miss recently and with me being poorly I haven’t yet had the guts to go without tights. But this lovely top from Primark get me in that Spring mood without me feeling even worse.

Looking Forward

I have had a tough few months, but with the weather picking up (kind of) and me getting somewhat back to a normal health I feel like I really starting to get back to my old self. I’ve got some great things planned for the kids this term and I want to start revamping my dining room and garden which I hope to blog about too.

So that me filling you in on what’s been happening recently. Hope you found this somewhat interesting, and if not then my apologies.

Do you ever find life gets in the way of blogging? How do you stay on track with posts?

Let me know!



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