Taking a pit stop but making time for me.

Hello everyone, I hope you are well.

I know it feels like a lifetime ago that I wrote a blog post.

Teaching has well and truly taken over my life the past few weeks and I’m afraid to say it’s still going to for a little while. Coming to the end of the year for and EYFS teacher it’s legit the most stressful time of year and I crawling my way through to the finish line.

So when It comes to this time of year I have to set aside time for myself to chill and with that I’ve just been too tired to blog as well. I find that when I’m not doing work I’m sat reading, watching tv or sat in the dark because I’ve got a headache from being sat at the computer. So like I said blogging is not priority.

Also in the last few weeks Michael and I were involved in a pretty bad car accident. Luckily no one was seriously hurt and with fire brigade and police there, it could have been a lot worse. However I have had pretty bad back issues so that again has meant my mobility and means to blog have disappeared for now.

I did however take a couple hours to my self on Sunday and took a little drive to the coast. I’m quite fortunate that the coast is only a 45 minute drive so me wanting to stretch my back and get some fresh air, it seemed like the best place.

Denim Jacket – Primark – Old Stock (similar here)
Floral Smock Dress – Boohoo – £18.99 (buy here)
Tan Metallic Sandals – New Look – £17.99 (buy here)
Tan Cross Body Bag – New Look – £19.99 (similar here) is bought new but wasn’t on the website.


I love this outfit and it really was the perfect choice for a little drive out. I am sometimes reluctant to make purchases on plus size sections of websites, as sometime I feel they can be too loose or ill fitting for the size. However this dress was so comfortable that I can’t wait to wear it again!

How are you at the minute? Do you have any questions about teaching?

Let me know!


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