Looking Forward to my Summer Break

Hello everyone! Hope you are well! Today has been a pretty chilled day after what has been a crazy week. We’ve also had Mamma and Papa’s pooch staying with us for the week which has been interesting (as always).

Today I’d thought I’d have a chat about some of the things I planning on doing with my summer holidays. Being a teacher I know I am lucky to have the time off that I do; however I also know that in term time I work 7am-5/6pm at work as well as working when I get home for at least 1-2 hours. So yeah I’ll just mention that and get it out the way now.

And also Ill let you know where this gorgeous maxi skirt has come from as well the rest of my outfit. If you want to skip ahead to that I don’t mind! 


First thing I will be doing is sorting out my classroom, I moved into my classroom over the Christmas holidays so haven’t had a chance to properly sort and organise the space. With it being a Foundation Stage, I have two classrooms and an outdoor space to organise so its going to take an massive amount of effort to get it to where I want it too. I’m excited to get it to a point where I feel like its my own home away from home.


Michael and I are lucky enough to have two weeks off together at the beginning of August, so we are hoping to do a bit of travelling and sight seeing over that time. We’re planning to visit Newcastle (any recommendations would be much appreciated). We want to go for some walks as well so will be visiting the country side and any lovely towns we come across.


I had gotten to a point in my blog were I was posting regularly and I was really pleased with how I was developing it. But then I got my new class and had new responsibilities that took over at work. I am hoping that now I have been in this job role for a while now I can start to get back on track with my blog. So look out for new and regular blog posts in the near future.


I bought this maxi skirt last weekend and absolutely fell in love with it. I love maxi skirts that have buttons down the front, I always feel like they give them a vintage edge. Wearing a denim shirt is a big staple in my wardrobe as you can probably see from other posts, I just feel they are easy to throw over an outfit and are a different twist than a usual cardigan.


Maxi Skirt – Primark – £10.00 (still in store)

Black Basic Tee – H&M £8.99 (buy here)

Denim Shirt – Primark – £10.00 – Old Stock (similar here)

Tan Metallic Sandals – New Look – £17.99 (similar here)

Bag – Home Bargains – £4.99 (locate nearest store here)

So that’s all for today, What are your plans for the summer? Are you looking forward to some time off or have you had your holiday? What did you get up to?

Let me know!


3 Thoughts

  1. The maxi skirt is really cute. I would love on just like that, but I think I would go for the floral pattern. Everybody says teachers have it so easy with the holidays in summer, but the truth is that it’s never for free and you simply have to work during school periods. Hope you will have fun in Newcastle.


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