Cheers to a Good Year

Hello lovelies, I hope that you are doing well. As I am typing this I am sat at home chilling after my final day of the year. It has been an incredible year full of changes and I have come out the other side feeling proud and emotional all at the same time!

I got my EYFS placing with my lovely school and have worked hard to develop my classroom into an amazing space (blog post to come). And I am ready to have a rest and start fresh in September.

So I thought I’d show you the wonderful gifts I have been blessed with by my class that I am going to miss so much. (trying not to cry for the 6th time today) FYI wine doesn’t help the tears. We’ve had transition this week and its hard to realise that they don’t need me anymore!













I know I am so lucky aren’t I? I really feel honoured to have taught a bright bunch of kids and start their first year of school off the right way! (well as best I can)

So this post is dedicated to them! Thank you for making my first year in EYFS memorable, inspiring and always fun. I know that they will move on to do amazing things and I can’t wait to see the young men and women they turn into!


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