Trying Something New

Hello lovelies,

… and thank you for taking the time to look at my little home on the web. Michael is finally off work for two weeks so we have decided to go on a few day trips out, one being to the lovely little seaside town of Whitby. It’s one place for me that has so many great memories from staying their as a child, I would definitely recommend paying a visit if you haven’t before.

So in terms of trying something new, I picked up this lovely little button up cord skirt from the Next outlet. Now in my slimmer days (quite a while back) this would not be entirely new however recently I would not have thought in a million year this would suit me. But for £10.00 I bit the bullet and thought why not. . . and my god do I love it! it brought me in at the waist without making my bottom half look huge.


Black Denim Skirt in Summer



Black Denim Skirt in Summer


Black Denim Skirt in Summer


Black Denim Skirt in Summer


Black Denim Skirt in Summer

Now I feel like I have to mention the fact that in a good chunk of my outfit posts you may have seen this denim shirt and in all honesty its knackered and probably should have been thrown long ago. Michael said to me the other day “why have you still got that shirt it’s covered in paint stains?” and I said “that’s exactly why” each one of those little paint splatters is from children in my class being completely engrossed in creativity and getting carried away. Isn’t that just amazing? I honestly think I will keep this forever.


Black Cord Skirt –  Next Outlet – was £22.00 (i think) now £10.00 

Yellow Floral Button Vest – Next Outlet – was £16.00 (i think) now £8.00

Denim Shirt – Primark – £12.00

Tan Sandals – New Look – £17.99 (similar here)


So have you tried anything new fashion wise recently? Have you been to Whitby and what did you think? Let me know by dropping me a comment!


2 Thoughts

  1. I was born in Scarborough and spent every summer there as a child with my grandparents so Whitby is somewhere we visited a lot. It’s been years since I’ve been back, need to book a trip soon I think!


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