Beauty Outlet Pay Day Haul

Hello lovely people!

After what feels like a life time I was finally paid and decided to treat myself to some makeup from our local Beauty Outlet which is situated in Princes Quay. So in all I spent £19.90 and for that I think I got some great items.

If you haven’t been to a beauty outlet they are a great place to find real bargains, and you don’t feel like you’ve tipped out your whole bank in the process.


Max & More Powder Blush – Peach Apricot£1.99 

W7 Mega Matte Lips – Billionaire – £1.99


W7 Eyeshadow Pallet – On the Rocks£5.99


W7 – Matte Finish Nail Polish – Cappuccino£1.99


Beauty Outlet Beauty Blender – £2.99


Eye Level Sunglasses – Tortoise Shell£4.99


So that’s what I bought, I didn’t even know that they sold sunglasses but these ones were too good not to buy for just a fiver. The nail varnish stays on for ages, I have these in a few colours now and honestly they are really durable. Its worth noting also that none of these cosmetics have been tested on animals which fantastic to know.


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