Back to Work Anxiety

Hello Everyone I hope you are well.

After my six week summer break from work is swiftly coming to an end. It’s the time of year when my anxiety starts to fully kick in. It happens every year as I prepare to go back to school I start to question myself all over again. So I thought I’d take the time today to talk about how I am feeling and how I’m am working through it.

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At this time every year I feel like I have forgotten how to teach. I know that sounds crazy I’ve been teaching for four years now but it’s like you question your instincts and wonder whether what you are planning is good enough for the children. I try to look back at the great year I had before and try to reassure myself that I wouldn’t be where I am if I didn’t know what I was doing.


You  can plan and plan to your hearts content and still not feel prepared that morning you are getting ready and heading into school. It never goes how you expect it to, sometimes in a good way sometimes not so good, and either way is fine. I find with teaching little ones (4 year olds) The most important thing is that in those first few days is that they feel happy and safe. And that what I try to remember when I am wondering if I am prepared enough.


It safe to say that I haven’t completely stopped working in my summer off, I am always on the look out for things for my classroom or planning activities and lesson ideas. But it certainly isn’t the same as going back to full time teaching. Early mornings, late nights and weekends prepping, it can be pretty hard to get back into it at first. I have a lot more meetings in place this year as well. I’m trying to be more organised this year and trying to keep a track of things with my diary.

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It one of those things that I think I will always get like around this time of year. And in a way I suppose it keeps me on my toes. I know next Wednesday when I’m getting up and ready for school I will have butterflies and lack of sleep from the night before but then by 3:30pm I’ll have completed my first day back teaching  and remember why I love my job so much.

Do any of you guys get work anxiety? Feel like your not good enough? You are!


3 Thoughts

  1. Great post! I totally feel your pain with work related anxiety. Even if I’ve been off sick or on annual leave I still feel somewhat anxious to return. I’ve been sick with an ear infection recently and am heading back to work tomorrow. I have no idea if I’m up to the task especially for a full 12 hours but, I’m hoping it’ll all be alright.

    I’m sure you’ll fall back right into the swing of things teaching and it’ll feel like you were never away.

    Good luck!

    Kate |


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