My Favourite Blogging Apps


Hello Lovelies and a happy Wednesday to you all.

Today I thought I would have a chat about some of the apps I use when blogging. I had some difficulties taking the photos for this post as my camera was playing up and so these where taken on Michaels phone. (hence the quality) However for the purpose of this post they are fine!


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Free with items for purchase.  

This app is one that I use all the time to help me promote my blog on my Instagram. It is prefect for making stylised insta story and has a range of template and fonts for you to choose from. Extra templates cost 99p or more per pack but are very affordable and definitely worth the money.



Free with items for purchase.

This is my main app that I use to edit all of my photos. There is a great collection of filters and lots of editing options to ensure that you make the pest of your photos. I love the fact that you can make your own presets to help keep your blog or insta with a theme.*handy tip, if you go on pinterest there are lots of presets already done for you to choose from.




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Free App

With me also being a full time teacher I can quite easily go all day without going on twitter. Buffer is a great app that lets you schedule your tweets so that you can keep promoting your blog whilst at work.

You can plan up to 10 tweets at a time and it links with twitter account so that you can use @ and # which is really helpful to boost your page.



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Free app

As much as I hate to say it Twitter is one of those things that comes part and parcel with my blog now. I feel like as soon as tweet less my engagement goes on my blog also.

That being said I do live twitter and I do find the blogging community isn’t always as crappy as they say. I love being part of blogger chats and think its a great platform to get to know people similar to me!



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Free App

One we all use and to be honest with you one that I love. Instagram is the place where I have found most bloggers that I am following now.

It has given me some great opportunities in the past and is a great way to give people a little taster of what your blog is all about.

I try and post pretty much every day which can be difficult at times when I’m super busy with work but I love spending my time scrolling through others feeds for inspiration!




So they are my top 5 apps that help me with my blog, I didn’t intentionally set out to have five, it’s just a happy coincidence that they’re the main ones I use. If you have any great apps that you use feel free to share in the comments!


4 Thoughts

  1. I never knew you could get Buffer as an app on your phone! That’s going to come in so handy when I’m at uni but haven’t brought my laptop that day, I always found it such a pain trying to use the actual website on mobile. Thank you for letting me know about this!

    Also, I’m definitely going to look into Unfold so I can up my insta story game. I never knew it excited, either! Such a great post ☺️

    Beka |


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