October Home Decor

Its officially October!

Hello lovelies, I hope that you are well. It is finally October which means I can whip out my pumpkins from the loft and give my home some Autumnal feels. So today I thought I would show you some of the decorations that I have and talk about some of the places I look for good finds.

I like to buy myself one special item every year and to be honest, that usually is a pumpkin. Michael gets a bit fed up of it to be honest but I think he’s come to accept that my love of Halloween and October will never go away!


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Pot Pumpkin Lantern – Wilkinson’s 


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Assorted Glass Pumpkins – All TK Maxx


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Pumpkin Candle Holder – Poundland

Japanese Mapal Yankie Candle – ASDA – sale £9.00 (recent)


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Ghost Dish – Poundland

Pumpkin Treat Bowl – TKmaxx


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Ghost Candle Holder & Green Monster Candle Holder – Poundland


TKMaxx is a great place to find unusual and quirky decorations, they usually have a pretty wide range and for one offs I don’t think they are too expensive. Poundland is another place for cheap tealight holders, and I think their are so cute for just a pound each.

The best thing for me when buying decorations is to look for items that will last. I don’t tend to buy plastic items as they can sometimes look cheap and are not as well made.


What Halloween decorations do you love? How early do you put yours up? Let me know!


4 Thoughts

  1. These are all such great ideas! Love the way you have been able to use fun fall items to add a bit of cool spice to your home. Thank you for this lovely article and can’t wait to see what you will write next 🙂


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