Working on Myself

Hello Lovelies I hope that you are well.

Today is Sunday and I am heading into my last week of this half term. . I feel like this half term had flown by and I could not be prouder of the children in my class. It’s been a tough half term but we got through it. I feel like I am someone who comes across as quite a confident person, however I am not ashamed to say all lot of it sometimes is front. I can sometimes take things to heart and overthink situations which is what I am currently working on.

I have been trying to not let the little niggly things annoy me, taking the time to take a breath or sleep on it can completely change your opinion or thought on what ever annoyed you in the beginning. Trying to come up with a solution to whatever problem I might have before I comment or get upset about it is another way I have been trying to better myself recently. It gives me strength and makes me have the confidence to take control of my life.

Taking time for myself is one of the best ways to keep me focused and positive. When all you do is work life can quickly spiral downward. My blog is a massive part of that but it can also be in little ways. I have been going to bed an hour early each night and reading my kindle to help me fall asleep, I lower the brightness get tucked in and it gives me the opportunity to switch work mode off and drift off to sleep somewhat calmer than when I woke up!


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Not particularly related to anything in particular but I thought I’d have a chat about how I am working to better myself. What are your top tips for feeling more positive?


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