What I got for my birthday

Hello lovelies, it’s been week since my last post and good lord it’s been a hectic week. Between lesson observations and my whole drainage system at home blocking it’s hard to believe I managed to fit my birthday in between all that. And to top it I’m ill, but making the best of a bad week I thought I’d show you some of the things I got for my birthday!

So I went out for lunch with my Dad on my birthday, Bingo with my Mum and Sister on Friday then despite being poorly on Saturday Michael and I went to York for the day.


Michael really did well this year and bought me some wonderful gifts! We have a big love for bobs burgers and when I saw that he has bought me the Linda thermal I was amazed that he’d managed to find one. All the things he got me were very personal to us for different reasons and I love him for it. (And I get to relive my youth with Spyro so what more could I want?)


This is just some of the things I got from family, I also got some gorgeous jewellery from my sister and nephew. The charm is a perfect addition to my bracelet as I love all thing to do with the galaxy and the solar system so this was a real gem. The necklace was originally my mums but my parents bought a new chain for it and passed it down to me. It’s originally from Poland and is and insect preserved in amber. (Think Jurassic park)


I got some lovely presents from my work friends which was very unexpected. But what did get me was two of the children in my class made me a cake and all of the parents from class sang me happy birthday in the morning. and yes I did cry and yes the cake was delicious.

So this was just some of the wonderful things I got for my birthday and I am honestly so great full. So now to spend the rest of my Sunday recovering from being poorly which is not my typical birthday Sunday to say the least.



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