New Year and New Goals with ADEXE

Hello lovelies, and I must say a Happy New Year to you all!

I love new year, I always see it s a time to reflect and set goals for myself. I have been kindly gifted this gorgeous watch from the lovely people at ADEXE. As a company they are all about self empowerment so I thought I would use this opportunity to talk about some of my aims for 2019.

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I know I know this is on pretty much everyone’s list for 2019. But it is something I really want to work on but not just body, mind as well. I had some situations last year were really I looked after neither. So I am starting 2019 off with a few goals in this department. Including; Trying out Yoga, Taking more time to read for pleasure, drinking more water (I know it sounds small but it honestly makes such a difference for me) and staying on track with Slimming World.



It’s safe to say Michael and I had a pretty quiet year last year on this front. Other than our Anniversary we didn’t go away at all. So this year I want to see more of the world. I don’t necessarily mean I want to spend ridiculous amounts of money on lavish trips. I’m pretty good a planning to a budget. I just feel like at twenty seven I haven’t seen enough of the world that I would hope. But yeah so here’s to seeing where Michael and I end up this year!

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I think its safe to say I’m not the best at saving money. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t spend what I don’t have, but I’m not particularly savvy either. I’ll buy cheap and cheerful but the quality will be naff and it wont last five minutes. For example buying a watch off Ebay that last a month or having a high quality watch like the ADEXE that lasts a lifetime. *disclaimer I’ve not been around a lifetime but you get my point* Now I was kindly gifted this watch but it has made me think more about quality rather than quantity when it comes to fashion.



We have been in our house for about four or five years now and I am really pleased with some of the changes we have made, but there is always more I want to do. Eventually I want to but flooring instead of carpet in my living room and hallway but again that comes down to money so we’ll have to see how we get on with spending.


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Black and White Polka Dot Smock – Boohoo – £18.00 (buy here)

Denim Jacket – Primark – Old Stock (similar here)

Elephant Print Scarf – Secret Santa Gift



In all honesty, I have never had a watch that is as high quality as this one. It came in a gorgeous box with an option of Rose Gold or black leather straps. It sleek, well made and really has made me think about owning more high quality accessories.

And on a bonus note I have been given a discount code for all my lovely followers to get 15% off just use LIZZIEFLORENCE15 at the checkout!

Have you seen ADEXE’s range of watches? Which would you buy?


*this item was gifted to me but my opinions are my own. 

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