January Spending Ban Roundup

Hello lovelies I hope you are well.

So it’s the last Sunday on the month and although there is still four days left of my spending ban I thought I would share my thought today of how it has gone. I set out this spending ban after clearing out my wardrobe and realising how many clothes I have that I just didn’t wear. Nine charity bags later I decided that rather than wasting my hard earned cash on fast fashion and sales I would completely ban myself from buying any clothes, shoes or accessories for the whole of January.


I would say initially yes. Starting this in January when the sales are everywhere and I am getting about 50 emails a day telling me how much I could save it was very hard to avoid temptation. But I would say by a week in I was used to deleting the emails without looking and avoided boohoo’s code like the plague.


Not a whole lot to be honest with you. I mean don’t get me wrong I enjoy having a wonder around the shops and seeing what there is but I wouldn’t say I have necessarily missed it. I’d say that I have missed that feeling of putting on something new and feeling really good about myself; and I suppose in one sense that something that the same old clothes don’t always give you.

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Now this is a difficult one to answer because I ended up having to fork out money for car parts and a new passport this month, which obviously took a big chunk to my bank balance. But if it wasn’t for those then I would estimate I have saved around £250 this month alone. I actually think it might be more but I am ashamed to think I spend that much money on clothes. (if you do then fair play I am not judging but for me I think that’s too much) I never realised I spent that much and I am definitely going to think about where else I could spend that money. 



Am I going to stop buying clothes altogether?… No. but I will definitely be thinking more about the choices that I make. I want to look for more one off, valued pieces rather than the fast fashion that I am so easily drawn to. I have found love in some of my old clothes (the skirt in this post for one) and I want to value these and look after them so that they last more that one season.

All items in this outfit where bought or gifted before January*


Denim Jacket – Independent Shop – £9.00

Grey Jumper – H&M – old stock

Tribal Print Skirt – New Look – old stock

Tartan Scarf – Primark – £4.00

Incredibles Dahling Bag – Disney Store – GIFT

Adexe Sistene Petite Rose Gold – Adexe London – £109 | GIFTED

*Items that have been gifted are clearly stated and my thoughts and opinions are my own.


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