Being an Early Years Teacher

Hello lovelies, I hope you are all well today! I am having a pretty chilled weekend so far and quite enjoying it to be honest! Today I thought I would do a mixture of a post and talk about how I got into teaching as well as the fun things I get up to working in EYFS. (early years foundation stage)

I sent out a message asking if anyone had any questions about teaching and I received a few so I’ll try to cover them within this post and hopefully give you a bit of an insight into my work life.



Working with children is always something that I knew I wanted to do from a young age. I started working at a children’s play centre when I was 16 and worked there for four years. I didn’t do a degree that is typically linked to teaching because I am insanely rubbish at exams and I wanted to do a degree in something that I enjoyed and could still use my creative flare. So after leaving college with A Levels in Graphic Design, English Language and Drama; I went to Hull School of Art and Design to do a degree in Graphics.

I absolutely loved my time at Uni and wouldn’t change it for the world, whilst doing my degree I volunteered at; a Secondary School in their Art classes, a local Primary school in EYFS and year one and a local cubs group. I knew I wanted to do the PGCE after my degree and having lots of experience is definitely something that they look for when you are applying. I would say when applying to any teacher training have experience even if its just volunteering will most certainly go in your favour.

I then did a the year long PGCE focusing on Early Years and Key Stage 1. (3 to 7 years) after volunteering in both the younger and older children I knew that with the younger children is were I felt most comfortable.




At least one child will surprise you every day. These kids never cease to amaze me. You might sometimes feel like your having a rubbish day and that the lesson or activity you’d planned wasn’t going how it should and then all of a sudden one of them will say something that completely turns your day around.

You’ll never be satisfied with your classroom. I am always changing, adapting, painting my classroom on a daily basis. There is always a vision in your head of what you want it to look like. And then you’ll spend hours on Pinterest wish you had unlimited funds to make a Pinterest worthy classroom. When in all honesty the kids make amazing progress with what you provide them anyway.

Various bodily fluids are a part of every day life. Gross I know but its very true. I’ve never been particularly screamish anyway but since working with little ones, I can safely say I am now accustomed to most situations in that department. I have on one occasion asked a child what fruit snack they had chosen to which they spat it into my hand to show me. But I guess I did ask I guess?

Reading EYFS documents in the bath anyone? This might just be me to be honest but there are many times I have ran myself a nice hot bubble bath to then read the latest article about early years. Like its not enough to spend 9/10 hours at work eh.

You will become your local charity shops best friend. I find myself most weekends scouring the local charity shops to see what I can find. If your a regular on my Instagram you’ll be used to seeing them in my insta-stories. Whether it be books, beads, games or wicker baskets (Let it be known EYFS teachers love wicker) I’m always looking for a bargain.

Your team are your family. It is safe to say that without my amazing teaching assistants that I have in my class I would not be able to do what I do. They are the life and soul of an EYFS classroom and will keep you going on the most difficult days. They are passionate, dedicated as well as crazy and creative; and I want to end my post saying that I love each one of them like family and say a huge thank you for being the best work family I could ask for.

If you have any other questions about EYFS or teaching in general please feel free to comment below or message privately.


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