Things that changed my life.

Hello lovely people I hope you are well.

Today I thought I would bring you more of a chatty post as it’s been a while since I have. Sometimes when work is crazy I don’t always have the time or energy to write a lengthy post so whilst I’m off I can treat you with one today! I am going to chat about some of the things that have changed my life, sometimes for the better sometimes for the worst. But making the most out of whatever life brings you.

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This is something that I never thought I would do and hadn’t really thought about doing in my life. But one day at college I was approached by another student asking if I would be willing to walk over hot coals to raise money for Macmillan Charity. Feeling motivated My friend and I signed up and eagerly started collecting sponsors. I will never forget the day we actually walked over the coals, it was the hottest day in the year (which you can imagine didn’t help) and I ended up with lots of blisters but we raised lots of money and it was totally worth it.


One of the most scariest moments but also my proudest moments was watching my first class walk into my classroom and knowing that it was my job to inspire them and help them grow. Teaching I would argue is definitely one of the most challenging but rewarding jobs you can have. And now that first class is 10 years old (they were five) its amazing to see what fabulous young individuals they are becoming.


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See now I can’t really say first meeting Michael, because we were friends for a long time before we got together so that would make total sense. (or maybe it would) We’ve been together for nine years now and I honestly don’t know what I do without him. He knows how to make me laugh when I’m at my lowest and is always my rock.


Another college experience is going to New York with a class of students at the age of 18. When the opportunity arose I asked my Mum and Dad if I could go and they agreed to let me as long as I saved up the money myself to pay for it. So I did extra shifts at my little weekend job and saved up enough to go. As someone who hadn’t really been abroad up to that point, it really opened up my eyes to the wide world and made me want to travel.


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Last year Michael and I were in a pretty bad car crash that really took a lot out of Michael and I. Michael was off work for a long time with back injuries and I had to carry round a support cushion with me for a fair few weeks (I never take time of work, even when I should) The car was wrote off and the fire brigade was needed but luckily no serious damage was done. It did however show me who really are our friends and who are there to support us. At that point I knew that I can be their for people when needed regardless of past events and people who can’t do the same aren’t worth my time.


Michael and I have had our house now for five years and we were only discussing the other day how quickly its flown by. I love our house so much and we have worked hard to get it to the point were we are happy with it and there is still somethings we need to do but we’ll get there.


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White T-Shirt – Primark – £4.00 – (similar here)

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Green Maxi Skirt – Charity Shop – £2.50


What things have changed your life? Are you seeing the positives?

Let me know


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