Wish Haul

Hello Lovelies I hope you are well!

Today I am bringing you a Haul from the well know app Wish. Some of you may have used it before, but if not I will give a simple explanation. Basically Wish is an app in which you can pretty much buy anything and everything. I have ordered all sorts from there in the past from school items to homeware and beauty things too. The items are generally cheap in price but delivery can take a while, if you are patient it definitely can be worth it though. When you see the price that will include the delivery also as sometime that can change the price.


I am completely in love with this case I think it’s the perfect case for spring summer vibes. Its made of rubber and fits like a glove. It feels like good quality and I can certainly see it lasting.


I am so clumsy I am always dropping my phone, so I have been on the look out for a pop socket for a while. I didn’t want one that was a big bold print so this white marble print seemed like a great choice.


I don’t always suit headbands but I have been loving seeing how people have been styling them. I didn’t want to spend lots of money on one if I didn’t think I would be able to style it. So buying a cheaper one seemed like a great idea.


Bit of an unusual one this one but its one of those necessities for work. Michael and I love Bobs burgers so I thought this was a fab addition. I am using it to keep my memory stick on it and the nice yellow colour will certainly stand out in my classroom.


Now this was definitely and intrigue purchase, I wanted to see how much of difference it makes. and in all honesty its pretty impressive. I’m not someone that can afford a ring light but this is a fab addition!


I am always trying to do my bit to help the environment and I always drink using a straw, so when I saw these for just £2.00 I thought they would be perfect to keep around the house. They come with a little cleaner too.


So that was my recent haul from Wish, I do think there are some items on the app that are not worth the money and I do try use the mantra of “too goo too be true”. If you look at the items realistically you do tend to get your moneys worth.

Have you bought anything from Wish? What are your thoughts on the app?

Let me know!


2 Thoughts

  1. I once bought a hoody from Wish and the sizes I think are teeny tiny but it looks like I might be more successful with accessories as these look great!

    Did they take long to be delivered? I know that can be a caveat to their good prices.

    I agree with your advice about anything that looks too good to be true probably is but I imagine it’s just about being a savvy shopper 🙂


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