Re-evaluating Myself

Hello Lovelies, I hope you are well.

It’s been a crazy busy week for me this week work has been very much at the forefront of my time spent this week. (hence the lack of posts) I am trying really hard not to feel pressured to post all the time, especially when on Instagram. I have been listening to Fearne Cottons Happy Podcasts and honestly they have been really making me think about my self worth and how the pressures of social media are effecting me.

I feel like I sound ridiculous I mean I am a fully grown women why am I letting social media effect me so much but were all human I guess. I always said if I didn’t enjoy blogging I would stop doing it but I’ve realised its not the blogging that I’m disliking its the pressure to get more followers and more likes.

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I find myself scrolling and checking how many likes my posts are getting, and feeling down if they aren’t as popular. We do this to ourselves on a daily basis and judge ourselves against others who are living a completely different life to our own which seems crazy. On Fearne’s podcast with Zoella they made a really good point to only follow people who pictures make you have positive thoughts.

My plan of action is to try and take the pressure of myself and remember who I am and how amazing I am also! I’m going to be reducing the amount that I am posting to ensure that it is still the quality that I would expect from myself. I get asked a lot how I mange to teach full time and blog as well and I’m not going to lie its not easy. But I love both so I try to make the effort to keep both of them in my life.

Having a job that can most definitely be stressful at times I want to take extra time to ensure I am relaxing, staying positive, and taking time to do other things I enjoy also. I might get back into painting this summer as it is something that I used to love doing but haven’t in such a long time.

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RED FLORAL DRESS – Matalan – was £18.00 now £9.00 (buy here)

WOVEN BAG – Boohoo – was £22.00 now £16.50 (buy here)

TAN PEEP TOE HEELS – Primark – old stock (similar here)


So that’s how I’m feeling at the mo, deep for a Sunday afternoon I know my bad.

Are you someone who feels the pressures of social media? What are your tips for staying positive?


4 Thoughts

  1. Insta is so good at seeping into your self conscious! It’s hard not to compare yourself sometimes. I love this dress! Such a pretty print!


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