Things I am fabulously rubbish at.

Hello lovelies, I hope you are well.

I am on my last day of my break from work and don’t think my mind is quite ready to go back to work yet. I have had a great week off with Michael, a few ups and downs emotionally for me, good days and bad, but Michael has been there to pick me back up and I absolutely cannot fault him for it. He is my absolute rock.

We go on about looking at the things we do best and always looking at the positives but why can we look at the things we are not good at and own them? No ones perfect and our imperfections are just a part of us so lets celebrate them! So today I am going to talk about some of the things that I am either rubbish at, or things that people would perhaps consider as faults.


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Writing is something that I have really struggled with over the years, I am a smudgy left hander (holla to the fellow lefties) I hate making mistakes when writing so find it takes me twice as long to write anything in fear of spelling something wrong. To top it off I am also hyperextendable in my hands and fingers so when writing I do end up pressing quite hard and they become sore. It is however great to freak people out with how bendy they are!


Michael and I always joke that we chose our dining room table based on how many loads of washing we can fit on it. It’s one of those things that I just absolutely cannot be bothered to do. Usually I am ironing for 2/3 hours so by the time I’m done the last thing I want to be doing is putting it all away.

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I am an absolute nightmare when it comes to remembering to wear my glasses. You might have seen in a recent post that I have bought some more from Specsavers and have now reduced myself to leaving my old pairs where I might need them because I’m forever loosing my others. If I know I’m going out and wont be needing them on all day I hate putting them on because then you get smudgy marks on your nose and it ruins your makeup. So I’m at an all or nothing point right now.


I really wish I was an avid reader who can get through a book in a week but its honestly something I really struggle with. I usually save reading to bed time, but then I read two pages and I’m out like a light. I really should set time for reading that isn’t in bed because at that point sleep will win that battle always.

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Funnily enough Michael came up with this one and I kinda have to agree with him because I am terrible for doing this. We will legit spend 30 minutes picking something to watch only for me to be asleep within 10 minutes of turning it on. I blame our ridiculously comfy sofa and my incessant need for a blanket (that and the fact my spirit animal is a sloth… or a permanently hibernating bear)


Now some may not consider this a bad thing and in some ways its not. However this is something that has hindered me in the past. When I start a job, I will hate it if I don’t get it finished this could be decorating a room (we did the dining room in a day) or doing school work. If its not finished I can be known to stay up to ridiculous hours to finish even though I certainly know its not good for me. I have in the past been wallpapering at 10pm+ just so that I know it is done.



Burnt Orange Midi Skirt – Asda – £12.50 (buy here)

White Vest Top – Asda – £6.00 (similar here)

Denim Jacket – Local Shop – £10.00 (similar here)

Bag – Vintage

Sandals – Boohoo – £12.00 – (similar here)


Is there something that you are rubbish at and proud of? Let me know!


9 Thoughts

  1. Haha, so many of these reminded me of myself!
    Not putting ironing away, leaving things unfinished and sleeping through the end of EVERY film or long TV episode 😆
    Love this post – great idea! 🙂


  2. Love this post! We can’t be perfect at everything! I’m absolutely terrible at putting washing away and I’m rubbish at making time to read. I start a book and then have to restart it because I left it so long to read again and forgot what happened haha.


  3. I also exhaust myself choosing something to watch on the television only to fall asleep 10 minutes into it. I blame my magical cozy blanket. It has secret powers! On the reading front I love reading but can’t at night either because I just fall asleep and end up dropping the book or kindle on my face and unpleasantly waking myself. I’ve found a different way to read… I have a job and resent having to work for a living (can’t we just be lazy ladies of leisure who lunch?) I dislike waking up only to have to get dressed and ready to report to work. It makes me feel like the day is not mine and I have to wait until after work to do something I want to do. As my act of defiance I wake up 15 minutes earlier than I need to only to allow myself some time to read with a cup of coffee or tea while lounging around in my pajamas in my quiet home. I’ve asked around and other people apparently also wake up early but they opt to use that time to exercise. I don’t trust these people!


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