Tips for shopping on Ebay


Hello Lovelies, I hope you are okay,

I am very much over the heat now and absolutely getting excited for Autumn now as well. I am longing for woolly jumpers and cosy tights. (am I crazy?) Now in the meantime I have been living in midi dresses and my collection its safe to say is growing. This one I bought from eBay two weeks ago and decided that today I would share my top three tips that I find useful when buying fashion Items off eBay.

Scroll down to have a read and see if you find them useful!


Lizzie Florence Plus Size Tropical Ebay Dress

Lizzie Florence Plus Size Tropical Ebay Dress

Lizzie Florence Plus Size Tropical Ebay Dress


When looking on eBay there are obviously thousands of options for you to scroll through which can feel daunting when looking for something in particular. (If I type in ‘Plus size white t-shirt’ I literally get over a million hits) So using the filter options on the left hand side of the eBay site can really help to narrow your search and make life a lot easier.


It is very important when buying clothes on eBay is to check the measurements, There is nothing worse than ordering something and it turns out it doesn’t fit. Sometimes it can be a pain to return to shops on eBay so its worth taking the time to measure to save you the hassle!


A great way to get an idea of whether the product you want is going to be good quality, its always worth checking the reviews of the shop, People are always very honest on those reviews and  you soon get an idea of whether they are reliable or not.


Tropical Print Midi Dress – eBay £8.99 (buy here)

Long Denim Shirt – eBay – £8.99 (similar here)


Do you have any other tips for shopping on eBay? Let me know!

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