Scheduling and Stripes

Hello Lovelies I hope you are well!

I have had another pretty busy week from catching up with friends, spending some more time with Michael and sorting our garden out it has been a pretty good week overall.

I sat and had a huge planning session for my blog which was very productive. I want try and organise myself so that when I am back at work full time I have my posts planned out as far as I can (hopefully up to Halloween) and then I want to have quite a few pre written if I can.


Plus size Missguided stripy smock dress black denim jacket

When planning posts I start with a blank calendar and add in any days that I might already have scheduled in. (events or celebrations) Then I think of any outfits that I may want to share and plan those in too. Everything else then pretty much fills up around it but it works well for me!

On another note, how fabulous is this dress that I got from Missguided? It was in the sale and I just couldn’t resist. I don’t normally go for a smock style but I love the colours of the stripes and thought it would make a great summer to autumn transition piece.

Plus size Missguided stripy smock dress black denim jacket

Plus size Missguided stripy smock dress black denim jacket

Plus size Missguided stripy smock dress black denim jacket



Black Oversized Denim Jacket – MISSGUIDED – £40.00 (buy here)

Plus Grey Stipe Long Smock – MISSGUIDED – was £25.00 now £12.00 (buy here)

Mint Vans – SCHUH – Old Stock (similar here)


Do you plan ahead when blogging? or are the spontaneous? Which do you prefer?

Lizie Florence Signiture

5 Thoughts

  1. You look great ♥ I am always looking for a denim jacket – I bought one over the winter but it was fur lined so not really ideal for summer so I simply have to keep looking and buy another! x


  2. New blog follower here Lizzie! I think it’s awesome you want to plan your posts all the way up to Halloween! Lately I’ve been planning posts up to a week in advance but schedule a month’s worth of old posts for tweets. I definitely wanna start working on month’s worth of blog posts in advance so I can begin posting 2x/wk again. Your dress is so pretty, I think it’ll make an excellent piece for summer to autumn transition!👏🏾💖

    Natonya |


  3. Ok love the dress I love stripes just bought a dress from target 🎯 last night with stripes. I typically plan ahead in my head. I want to get better with blogging ahead but time just doesn’t exist for me unless I start getting up early which I’m thinking about doing this month, you look great definitely can transition the dress to fall.


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