Finding the love in Pre-loved

Hello Lovelies, I hope you are all well!

Today I am finishing of week three of my Summer time off and I feel like I have got a lot accomplished this week! I up cycled a role play shop the I bought for my classroom and probably tripled the value of it. (not that I would get rid anyway) I spent some time chilling with my Dad which was great. I also had a fabulous catch up with my long time bestie Hannah, we don’t always get to spend that much time together but its one of those friendships that you know no matter what your there for each other.

Anyway onto todays post, Michael and I had a little day trip out to York the other day and I decided to pop on one of my favourite midi skirts. I love the colour and pattern of this skirt and always receive lots of compliments when I wear. People usually can’t believe that it only cost me £1.50… yes you read correctly one pound fifty.


Lizzie Florence Charity Shop Midi Plus Size Outfit York

And that is why I love charity shops, you can find absolute gems without breaking the bank and its more eco friendly as well. I have shared most of my charity shop finds with you on here so today I thought I would share with you some of my top tips for searching the charity shops and then hopefully you can find some gems of your own!


One thing I always find when shopping in charity shops is not to look at the sizing labels. We all know that sizing has changed over time so something that you thought wouldn’t fit might surprise you. It also depends on how you are going to wear them also. if you find an amazing shirt to wear over a dress open then it doesn’t necessarily need to button up?


You can often find some gems in the men’s section too if you keep an eye out. A nice checked shirt or even a fabulous tweed jacket. I was in one last week and there were two brand new ted baker jackets, even if you wouldn’t wear it what an amazing gift that would be to give someone.


You may have seen before on my blog that I often buy bags and scarfs from charity shops. They are a great place to find gorgeous patterned scarfs that you know will probably be one offs in terms of the chances of anyone else having them. I have recently seen a few Cath Kidston bags in the charity shops so its definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Lizzie Florence Charity Shop Midi Plus Size Outfit York

Lizzie Florence Charity Shop Midi Plus Size Outfit York

Lizzie Florence Charity Shop Midi Plus Size Outfit York


Plain White T-Shirt – Boohoo – £7.20 [buy here]

Denim Shirt – Asda – £12.00 [old stock]

Navy Floral Midi Skirt – Charity Shop – £1.50

White Trainers – Asda – £10.00 [buy here]

Tan Fedora Hat – H&M – £12.00 [old stock]

Do you enjoys scoping our the charity shops? What’s the best thing you’ve found?

Let me know!

Lizie Florence Signiture

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