Primark Haul

Hey Lovelies, I hope you are well.

I am well an truly into the holidays now and I know I need to start thinking about planning and getting my brain back into the work mode but it literally gives me such anxiety that I go in a total breakdown and switch off. I spoke the other week about scheduling blog posts so what I am going to do is plan time in my week for school work so that I don’t end up in panic mode in the last two weeks.

So today I am bringing you a recent Primark haul from a trip to the one in Princes Quay in Hull. Beccar and I had gone into town for some lunch anyways so since we had parked in their anyway; we couldn’t help but make a pitstop into Primark on the way back in.



Princes Quay - Primark Haul

Red Patterned Scrunchie – £2.00

I have been looking for one of these scrunchies for a while and this one seemed like the perfect colour and pattern to be a Summer to Autumn Piece. I usually hate having me hair tied up but it does make life easier when it is so I am hoping this will motivate me to tie it up more for work.


Princes Quay - Primark Haul

Leopard Print Head Band £2.00

Again this is another item that I have been looking for but I didn’t want to spend lots if I decided that I didn’t like it. I can wait to style this in autumn and imagine pairing it with a black midi dress.


Princes Quay - Primark Haul

Grey Socks – £2.50

A pretty simple staple and I don’t know about yours but I am pretty certain that my washing machine chews them up and I was running very low. These ones have a rubber edge the whole way round so that they don’t slip off which is great.


Princes Quay - Primark Haul

Lilo & Stitch Flip Flops – £2.00

Another staple in my house; my tumble dryer is outside so if its been raining I just need something I can quickly pop on to nip to the dryer and back. And lets face it, if I’ve got the choice of plain or Disney, then I am most definitely choosing Disney.


Princes Quay - Primark Haul

Grey Longline Cardigan £8.00

I’m not going to lie it’s not that I haven’t enjoyed the Summer but when I walked into Primark and saw that they where beginning to bring out their Autumn cardigans I got very excited.


Have you been to Primark recently? What is your go to purchase from them?

Let me know!

Lizie Florence Signiture

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