Lush: Guardian of The Forest.

Hello Lovelies, I hope you are well.

Yesterday I was thinking which companies I am consistently impressed with and continue to go back to again and again. and I found that one of those is Lush. They are continuing to surprise me every time I buy a new product from them. So I thought I that each month I am going to review another Lush Product that I love and share it with you.

So today I am starting off with the latest bath bomb that I tried called ‘Guardian of the  Forest’. This is available in stores and online [here] it is priced at £4.95.


Lush Review Guardian of the forest bath bomb lizzie florence


The bath bomb is made up of Cypress Oil, Rosewood Oil, Lime Oil and Oakmoss Absolute. It has a fabulous earthy scent that is natural and refreshing, I could actually smell it in my bathroom still after I had emptied the bath.


The colour is blue and green and when put in the baths it literally looks like a magical lagoon from Peter Pan. There are so many shades of blue and green as well as hints of yellow. Its worth noting that this one also has glitter in it just in case you are not a fan of the glitter ones.


I really liked this bath bomb. It left my skin feeling really soft and smelling great. Its earthy tones I found relaxing and I would definitely purchase this one again. It’s and average price for Lush’s bath bombs and you could probably try braking it in two and making the most of it if you wanted to.


Lush Review Guardian of the forest bath bomb lizzie florence

Lush Review Guardian of the forest bath bomb lizzie florence

Have you tried this bath bomb? Which is your favourite? Let me know.

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