Reflecting on My Time Off

Hello Lovelies, I hope you are well.

How is it the first of September already, can I put my decorative pumpkins out yet? Today I thought I would reflect on my time off work and have a bit of a chat about some of the things I am really pleased with. I’m back at work tomorrow and as much I have enjoyed the time off work I am ready to get back into a routine.

And on another note how gorgeous is this two piece that I bought from my local Asda Living. I don’t think I’ve ever had a two piece (apart from the floral numbers from the catalogue when I was little) This was in the corner of the store on the old sale rale and was the only one in just one size which happened to be mine!

Lizzie Florence George Asda Two Piece


It has been really lovely to spend time catching up with family and friends, it’s so easy sometimes to get wrapped up with life and then all of a sudden its been a month sometimes even longer since you’ve seen a friend. So it has been nice to catch up with them over the last couple of weeks and it’s certainly something I need to try and keep up with when I am back at work.


When we moved into our house five years ago we were amazed at all the different plants that where in our garden, however Michael and I are not gardeners in anyway. We’ve tried to manage it in the past but its just not something that we are interested or invested in. So we pulled out the majority of the plants and my dad is going to help us make some decking and fencing by upcycling old wood. Its something I’m looking forward to getting to grips with.

Lizzie Florence George Asda Two Piece


You may have seen on my Instagram story I bought a fabulous wooden shop from a local women on the Facebook marketplace for £30. However it was bright primary colours and featured lots of red which isn’t my style for my classroom. I like natural, white and pale in my classroom so I spent a week painting and spraying it and now it looks fabulous. There is a post up soon about it so make sure you check that out.


Working full time and blogging is hard. I am often bringing work home and it can be difficult sometimes to fit in blogging as well. So while I have been off I have been planning and organising myself so that when I am back at work; it will be easier to make time for my blog posts as well. I have really enjoyed working on my blog and my Instagram as well. It feels like the two almost come hand in hand now.

Lizzie Florence George Asda Two Piece

Could I have done more with my time off? maybe, do I mind? not really. Life can be  so chaotic at times, and sometimes I just need to stop take a breathe and enjoy the small things without sweating the big stuff.

and that’s all for today so have a wonderful rest of your day!

Lizie Florence Signiture


3 Thoughts

  1. Hey Lizzie,

    I just came across you blog in a comment thread on Twitter. I’de thought to come and check out your blog also. I’ve just come back from a blogging break and I feel refreshed. So I can only imagine how you feel being back at work. Just from reading I can see that you used your time wisely. I hope this new academic year is extremely fruitful for you and you students.



  2. I always enjoy these update style posts. I’m having some time off work myself but blogging and working full time really is so difficult! I hope to fund the balance soon. I love your straw bag by the way 😊 great post, I look forward to more x


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