Hopes for the New School Year.

Hello Lovelies, I hope you are all well!

It has been my first week back at work and it went okay. After having such a long time of work it can be a pretty stressful and worrying time going back to it. You worry whether you are going to be good enough, whether you can get through another year.

I aslo need to thank Kat from www.katonbeauty.com for these fabulous photos that she took of me in a quick break we had at work!

But I’m feeling positive about the year ahead and I am ready to get to grips with my class and my subject leadership roles. So today I thought I would share with you some of my hopes for the year ahead and what I am looking forward to.

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I always start the academic year with this in mind, but in order to keep up with my blogging as well as teaching I definitely need to up my game on this front. So I have bought myself a new diary that is A4 size to fit everything in. I am also going to plan on having set time in the week (evenings of course) to write up observations and set times for planning. I’m hoping this will keep stress levels down and make more time in my life for other things.


I am always being inspired by other teachers, colleagues, Instagram and certainly Pinterest. One thing I want to develop this year is reading in the classroom so I am hoping to create some exciting new opportunities and areas in my classroom for this. I am sure as the year goes on there’ll be lots more I get inspired to do as well. So it’s a case of one thing at a time (I tend to get carried away)

Lizzie Florence Plus size New look midi wrap skirt


I may have mentioned before that I am the art coordinator I my school and with my background in art and design it is something that I hold very dear to heart. This year I am taking complete control of our Art Curriculum and planning some topics that I hope will inspire the children. I am also thinking of running either an Art club or maybe a film club where the children can review the films.


I had met my new class already in nursery visits, taster days and this first week. They are a fabulous bunch of kids. I think we are going to have a great year. I love seeing the kids smiles in a morning and when they run to their parents at the  end of the day wanting to tell them all the  things we have been up to.

Lizzie Florence Plus size New look midi wrap skirt


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So it’s a great start to the year and I am full of positivity!

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