Perfect Date Night*

Hello Lovelies, I hope you are well.

Tomorrow is Michaels birthday so we will be having a date night on Friday and in Hull there certainly are lots of options for date nights. In the ten years that Michael and I have been together one of the things that we both enjoy in films, and many of our date nights have been spent at the cinema.

The other week I was contacted by Princes Quay and asked if I would like some cinema vouchers for Vue and I couldn’t resist. Now yes these vouchers were gifted my opinions are my own. Click this link to have a look at their cinema times. (here)


One of the big perks to Vue is the ticket prices, I is one of the cheapest that the city has to offer which can make a big difference to how much your date ends up costing. If the tickets are cheaper then you can spend more on your snacks (and who doesn’t love cinema snacks?)


Parking is free in Princes Quay after 6pm if you visit Vue, Nandos, Pizza Express or Superbowl after 6pm all you need to do is validate before you leave. There are plenty of spaces so no need to worry about finding a spot!


We all know that there is nothing better than Cinema snacks and Tango Ice Blasts are my go to drink option even if I have usually drank half before the film has even started. Michael chose a Vanilla Milkshake with Oreo topping and he was very impressed with it. He said that he would absolutely order it again. We also had to get some sweet popcorn as it is a perfect addition to and cinema trip, especially if its fresh and warm.


I absolutely would, if you are looking for a date night without spending lots of money Vue is a better option because of the low ticket prices and free parking. You wouldn’t need to spend extra on drinks and food but you have better options because of the cheaper cinema prices.


Lizzie Florence Princes Quay Vue Trip Date Night

Lizzie Florence Princes Quay Vue Trip Date Night

Lizzie Florence Princes Quay Vue Trip Date Night

Have you been to Vue before? What are your favourite parts about cinema trips?

Let me know

Lizie Florence Signiture


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