Hilarious honesty of kids.

Hello lovelies, I hope you are well!

I have officially completed a full week with my first class and wow am I tired! Today is consisting on planning my week ahead and writing some blog posts too! Michael is spending the day out with his Dad so I am actually enjoying some me time.

Today I thought I would bring you an outfit that I have been loving to wear for work especially these shoes. Now as much as I love these heeled brogues when I wore them for work one of the kids hilariously said to me

“Why are you wearing boys shoes, those are what boys wear?”

I stated my argument as to why anyone can wear brogues but its safe to say he wasn’t sold. This in turn made me think of all the other hilarious and honest comments I’ve had from kids in the five years of teaching so I thought I’d share a few of my favourites.


Lizzie Florence New Look Plus Size Work Wear Teacher

Whilst wearing my beautiful striped grey and white Missguided Smock…

“You look like you have come to school in your Pyjamas today.”

Wearing one of my favourite work dresses…

“oh so your wearing that again…okay”

Lizzie Florence New Look Plus Size Work Wear Teacher

When I was having a particularly bad skin day…

“Wow that is a really big spot on your face!”

A skirt I never wore again…

“You look like you have a baby in your tummy today”

Lizzie Florence New Look Plus Size Work Wear Teacher

Decided to let my natural curls flow for an easy morning…

“You’ve not brushed your hair today have you Miss?”


They also say some absolutely lovely things too but lets face it. The brutal honesty comments are far more interesting.


BLACK POLKA DOT DRESS – New Look – Sale £8.00 – Old Sock

DENIM JACKET – Primark – Old Stock

BROWN BAG – TkMaxx – Old Stock

TAN LEATHER BROGUES – Fat Face – eBay – £15.00


Have you ever had any hilarious conversations with kids? please share!

Lizie Florence Signiture

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