Is it really that bad?

Hello Lovelies I hope you are all well.

I am currently in the process of starting to get myself better however being on three different antibiotics is wiping me out and I am constantly tired. I am so ready to start feeling better and even though I haven’t done anything in particular to cause me being ill, it’s made me want to take better care of myself. Health, Body and Mind.

I know its cliché but yes I did by the Boohoo plus dupe of that Zara dress, and do you know what I don’t even care. I bought it to make myself feel better and because I had a meeting coming up that I wanted to look smart for. Of course I then ended up missing the meeting for my blood results, but that’s about right for me to be honest.

Lizzie Florence Plus Size Boohoo Midi DressLizzie Florence Plus Size Boohoo Midi Dress

Do you ever do that? When you buy an outfit for a specific event or time and it doesn’t go to plan? I feel like that happens to me all the time. Partly because I’ve usually been too eager and ended up wearing before and then not being bothered enough to wash it. Washing is such a pain for me I never seem to be able to get stuff dried and ironed for when I need them.

Anyway enough of my failings to run a house. I did start this post with a topic of discussion in mind but once again my brain has taken me in the completely opposite direction. . .


So do you know what? I am dedicating this post to all the other people out there who have three baskets of clothes that need ironing (please say that I’m not the only one), the people who repeatedly take the same plates off the drainer that they never manage to put away, the people who never quite use all the food from their weekly shop because they order take away instead and the people whose cars contain more rubbish than their black bin.

If I’m the only one that’s okay I’ll take it, if not then hurray for you and don’t sweat the small stuff. You are doing just fine!

Lizzie Florence Plus Size Boohoo Midi Dress



Polka Dot Ruffle Hem Dress – Boohoo – £25.00 (buy here)

Long Denim Jacket – Local Shop – £10.00 (old stock)

Tan Heeled Boots – Ebay – £17.99 (buy here)

Rose Gold Watch – Adexe – (gifted)

Lizie Florence Signiture

2 Thoughts

  1. You look amazing in that dress!! ❤️ I can relate to this post so much. The pile of ironing that needs doing, the overflowing bin that really needs to be emptied, the dishes on the side that could just be put in to the dishwasher! We all do it … you’re definitely not alone!


  2. Hate folding the washed clothes, that’s usually a chore my husband does whenever he’s home, what about ironing, I never iron unless before wearing it, that’s my tip and it works:)


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