Finding a bargain and adapting.

Hello Lovelies, I hope you are well.

Today I am actually starting to feel better which is a bonus, and on top of that Michael and I booked a weekend away to Whitby in November which I cannot wait for. I will be definitely blogging the weekend as it is one of my favourite places to visit.

So onto todays post in which I am talking about this beautiful dress from Asda about a fortnight ago. I think I did see it still in the shops and this weekend they’ve got 25% off all clothing, footwear and accessories so its definitely worth looking.

Now this dress is one I love but todays post can be adaptable to any midi dress, I thought I’d share the different ways that I would perhaps style this dress to get the most out of it. I am trying recently to not buy as many clothes but adapt the ones I already have so this is all about that!

Lizzie Florence Asda Midi Skirt Plus Size


I have worn this dress for work a few times and it a great length for working with kids and although looks expensive, it wasn’t really what I would consider expensive for work. The pattern it busy anyway so is pretty much snot and paint proof (gross I know but its had both on it) I would usually pair this with my heeled boots and perhaps a blazer for work although the blazer doesn’t stay on long cause I’m normally too hot running around.


There are two possible ways that I would wear this casually for the day time. One being simply with a denim jacket and my white converse, that would be perfect if your somewhere were your going to be walking a lot. And second with a wooly jumper French tucked into a belt. If you can get a jumper that matches one of the colours in the pattern then even better.


Now this is what I initially bought the dress for as I wore this besties birthday night out and I felt absolutely fabulous in it. I teamed it with some tan strappy platform and a tan clutch bag and I was ready to go!

Lizzie Florence Asda Midi Skirt Plus SizeLizzie Florence Asda Midi Skirt Plus SizeLizzie Florence Asda Midi Skirt Plus Size

So you see you can adapt one dress into multiple styles and save some cash in the process. I’m not presuming that you don’t know this already but I just need to remind myself once in a while. I’ve got a handful of midi dresses that I can do this with now and I am more than happy with that.

What it a saving tip you stick to?

Lizie Florence Signiture

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