Day of the Dead Costume.

Hello lovelies, I hope you are well today!

I have officially started my week off work and I am absolutely ready to chill out, relax and catch up with friends and family. One thing I have been thinking about doing this in this week is finally getting around to decorating my living room. Michael and I are going to pop to B&Q today and see if we can pick the colour for our feature wall.

Anyway and onto todays post, So in EYFS we do a mixture of set planning and planning based on the children’s interests, this is because children that are engaged in something they are interested in are more likely to be inspired and learn. In the last two week that children have been going on and on about pumpkins, trick or treating as well as skeletons and witches.

To celebrate how amazing their first half term at school has been we decided to throw a little party afternoon and let the children come in spooky clothing. So then it came to me thinking ‘damn what am I going to dress up as’. Luckily a parent had recently donated a huge amount of brightly coloured ribbon and elastic. So I cut lots of strands and tied them to the elastic to make a Day of the Dead style skirt. I then got out my old floral headband that I had previously bought from Primark and did some skull make up using Pinterest for inspiration.

Lizzie Florence Halloween Costume Plus SizeLizzie Florence Halloween Costume Plus SizeLizzie Florence Halloween Costume Plus SizeLizzie Florence Halloween Costume Plus Size

It was relatively cheap but very effective and the children loved how bright and colourful it was. I will probably be re-wearing this next week for a Halloween party that we are going to.

What are you dressing up as this Halloween?

I’d love to know your ideas!

Lizie Florence Signiture


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