Cocktails and Class at Bambino’s *

Hello lovelies, I hope you are well!

It officially the last day of my week off and I am absolutely not ready to go back to work yet. I have had a fabulous time spent with family and friends but reality is certainly setting back in today.

Today I am reviewing a new Cocktail bar that has opened down Princes Avenue called Bambinos. On Friday; thanks to the wonderful Jenny; myself and some of the other Hull Bloggers where gifted a night of cocktails, face painting and fabulous music. *Now the evening was gifted but my thoughts and opinions are my own. 


Bambinos is situated down Princes Avenue and is just in the right place to be a place to go even if you are heading down Newland Avenue too. The décor is truly beautiful with comfy seating to rest your heels and an amazing selfie wall to fulfill all your Instagram needs its all you could need for a night out. (even the toilet had a selfie wall!) There is plenty of seating but also room to have a dance as well.

Lizzie FLorence Hull Bambino Bar ReviewLizzie FLorence Hull Bambino Bar Review


One of the main things that impressed me with Bambinos is their amazing cocktails. They range from singles, sharers and cocktail tree’s and they are absolutely worth the money. I tried at least four different cocktails and they all tasted delicious; sometimes when you go to places they can taste watered down but that is absolutely not the case here. They are high quality and the staff were well trained on delivering the best.

Lizzie FLorence Hull Bambino Bar ReviewLizzie FLorence Hull Bambino Bar ReviewLizzie Florence Hull Bambino Bar ReviewLizzie FLorence Hull Bambino Bar Review


The staff were so welcoming and kind and it really felt like a happy and positive atmosphere. The music was a perfect mix of RnB and Current music and their were plenty of tunes to hit the dancefloor with. They also had an amazing face painter on last night which was an added bonus too! On Wednesday evenings they are going to be having Tilly Sparks the most fabulous drag queen prepping for preloaded so you should check her out!


So will I be visiting Bambinos again? simple answer… Absolutely. It’s a fabulous space with amazing décor and staff that treat you like family. Their cocktail were the best I’ve had in a long time and the prices are fair and good value. The next time I am off work mid week I will be definitely heading down on a Wednesday to see Tilly in action. They have done an amazing job thank you again for having me for the evening.


Lizie Florence Signiture

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