What I got for Christmas 2019

Hello lovelies I hope you are well and happy Boxing day to you!

I hope its packed with comfy pj’s comfort food and multiple naps. This is my third year doing this now but it always seem to be quite a hit so figured why not share with all you lovely readers some of the things that I got for Christmas. Disclaimer here that I am in no way showing off what I got I absolutely feel extremely lucky and blessed to have such lovely family and friends.

Now you may have seen on my social media that one of the main things I got was ENGAGED! I was not expecting it at all and even though Michael and I have been together for nearly ten years now it was still very much a surprise. But I may talk about that on another post so here is the rest of the lovely gifts I got.


Lizzie Florence Disney Movie Frames


You can tell that my sister knows Michael and I pretty well as we absolutely love these joke movie posters. Michael and I watch a lot of movies and with our love of Disney these were the perfect present for us! I have some other movie related art on my bedroom wall so these will make a great addition there.


Lizzie Florence Chocolate Treats


Safe to say trying to eat healthy is taking a hit these last two weeks or so but anyone who knows me know that I wouldn’t say no to lovely treats like this! I cant wait to try all the different flavours of hot chocolate that there is.


Lizzie Florence Typo Note Pads


I was actually with my Mamma when she bought me these from Typo. They are my favourite notebooks to have for work because they have dots instead of lines. I know for some people that sounds like their worst nightmare but it really helps me focus my eyes more.

Lizzie Florence Cinderella Mug


He’s just so cute isn’t he? I love most Disney films but there’s always a few characters that I have a real soft spot for and Gus Gus is certainly one of them. (maybe I relate to his need for large quantities of food?) Either way Hollie knew this was a fab little gift for me.


Lizzie Florence Bath Tray


Other than my gorgeous engagement ring Michael got me a tray for the bath. I have wanted one of these for ages and can’t wait to try it out. I have no doubt that I will be spending more and more time in the bath from now on.


Lizzie Florence Fair Trade Mittens


Being a Foundation Stage teacher means that you can end up spending long periods of time outside. When Michael and I went to Whitby in November we went to one of my favourite little shops that sell lots of Fair Trade items. I saw these mittens and Michael was lovely enough to buy me them.


Lizzie Florence bath bombs


It wouldnt be Christmas if someone didn’t get me some bath bombs and this year it was my Mum. This gorgeous packaging contains 3 bath bombs that I cannot wait to try in the coming future.

So that’s some of the things I got for Christmas and I feel very blessed right now.

What was the best thing you got for Christmas?

Lizie Florence Signiture

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