Looking back on the year. 2019

Hello Lovelies, I hope you are well.

Figured out that its Sunday so here is my usual Sunday post. The days are all blending in at the minute and I know that work is creeping up on me but I want to get a fair few posts planned and written so that it is less of a worry when I get back to work.

So today I thought I would do my yearly round up of things that have happened this year, then next Sunday I will do my hopes for the new year. Todays post is featuring this stunning dress that I got for just £5.00 from a charity shop in Beverley.

Lizzie Florence 2019 achievements


Obviously the most recent but certainly the most exciting also is that I got engaged! On Christmas day Michael got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Obviously I said yes, we have been together for 10 years and have a house together but its still a huge thing in our lives.



At the end of February to celebrate our Anniversary Michael and I took a mini cruise to Bruges, we drank lots of different beers, ate copious amounts of chocolate and just had a fabulous time. It was unusually dry and warm for that time of year which made it even lovelier.



So in the last few years I have taken on the role of EYFS Lead at my school, and this year I was moderated by the local authority to check that my judgements are correct. This went really really well and is something that I am very proud of.


Lizzie Florence 2019 achievements

Lizzie Florence 2019 achievements


Teenage me is ridiculously excited because next June Michael and I are going to see Greenday supported by Fall Out Boy and Weezer. I have seen a few bands over the years but this is certainly going to be a special one for us.



Whitby is one of those places that I hold dear to my heart so when Michael and I went away for the weekend we had such a lovely time. The weather was terrible but it didn’t matter as we spent the worst of it in shops and pubs. If you haven’t been before I would highly recommend it!


Lizzie Florence 2019 achievements



GREEN SHIFT DRESS – Charity Shop – £5.00 (similar here)

BLACK SUADE BOOTS – Boohoo via Asos – £25.00 (here)


What’s the best thing to happen to you this year? Let me know!

Lizie Florence Signiture

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