New Year Goals 2020

Hello lovelies I hope you are well!

So today I am getting ready to be back at work tomorrow and pretending that I am not anxious about it at all. It’s always a worry when you’ve had time off but I’ll soon get back into the swing of things. So my New Year was spent with my Fiancé (I’m not bored of saying it yet) at home in front of the television. We were meant to be going out for to our local but Michael just so happened to slip in the garden on Monday and broke his foot so that certainly wasn’t happening.

Today I am bringing you some goals that I have for a year ahead. These are not resolution cause I am not putting unreasonable and stupid pressure on myself its just stuff I want to make more of an effort to do.

Lizzie Florence Midi Skirt New Year



I did do more of this towards the end of the year and it is still something that I am planning on continuing with over the year ahead. I want to try and have the vast majority of gifts I give this year to be locally bought and I am going to take advantage of working 10 minutes away from local shops.



Another one that I want to make more of a conscious effort to do this year is make more eco friendly choices, whether that is seeking out eco alternatives or eating less meat. It a mostly new field for me so if anyone has any helpful hints just let me know! One thing I will definitely be doing more charity shop shopping.



This has made an appearance on a few of these yearly goals so clearly it is something that is ongoing but that is absolutely fine. We cant make perfect choices all the time but just making write choices as an when you can.

Lizzie Florence Midi Skirt New Year




Whether its blogging or something else I want to continue to take time away from work and relax. I am feeling really positive about my blog at the minute so for now it is definitely taking the time to plan and create for this. Here’s to some new posts in the new year!



With a few decorations I am hoping to do and figuring out how and when Michael and I will get married we have got some saving to do. I have been slowly collecting a little pot of gold (more like a thimble full) but I am certainly going to need to up my game this year.



Hilarious I know this one and the last one don’t really go together but it is something that I am really hoping to have; at least a few little breaks away just to break up the year and give Michael and I something to look forward too.

Lizzie Florence Midi Skirt New YearLizzie Florence Midi Skirt New Year


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What are your hopes for the new year?

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