Buying Frames at Firmoo

Hello lovelies, I hope you are well!

I am bringing you another Wednesday post today which means that once again we are at our mid week point. I am really enjoying my blog at the minute and feeling really happy about what I am producing so I hope you like it too!

Just before Christmas I ordered some new glasses from Firmoo so I thought I would give you a little review of how I have found them. This is the third time buying from Firmoo and in all honesty I have always had a very positive experience from them.

So I little background I have been wearing glasses since the age of about 8 or 9 I wear them for reading, driving, on the computer etc. I have a few pairs of glasses but I want some cheaper frames to have for work incase they get lost or broken in the process.

Lizzie Florence Firmoo ReviewLizzie Florence Firmoo Review


On their website they have a huge selection of frames to choose from, and they also have lots of different colours in each. You can also upload a picture of your face to see what they may look like on your frames. Another great thing is that they have the exact measurements of every pair so you can tell whether they are going to be too big or small. When you have chosen your frames you add in your prescription on your account and you are good to go!


One of the things I like about Firmoo is that the pricing is really reasonable for glasses. The often have discount codes and different deals available. If you are looking for glasses its worth looking this weekend because they sometimes have codes for Chinese New Year. I bought two pairs this time round and they were on a buy one get on free deal, so two pairs only cost £26.00 including delivery.


The glasses are made and shipped from China but delivery is pretty good considering. I ordered mine on the 15th of December and they were delivered by royal mail on the 27th of December. So considering we had Christmas in the middle of that I would say that is pretty good! They all come in a bubble packed envelope, in a glasses case.

Lizzie Florence Firmoo ReviewLizzie Florence Firmoo ReviewLizzie Florence Firmoo Review


Overall I am really happy with my glasses, they are durable and stylish and they looked just like the picture. I have already received lots of compliments which has been great! If you are looking for a cheap alternative which are your prescription then these are a great option. And the wide range of different styles mean there is definitely something for everyone!

Have you ordered from there before? Let me know!


Lizzie Florence x.o

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