The love in Pre-loved Part 2

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are all well, I am having a pretty chilled Sunday today but feeling super happy about the week I have just had. My competition on my Instagram did really well, I got a million jobs done a work and was super productive. So woohoo for me I guess. I have also got super organised with my blog and have all my posts planned out up to the end of February which is not like me at all!

The other week I found this gorgeous silk shirt in a charity shop for just £2.50 and instantly knew I had to buy it. I have been finding some real gems in the charity shops at the minute so I thought I would share some more of my top tips for shopping second hand.

You can see my original post here!


Lizzie Florence Charity Shop Tips



I love finding pieces for my house in charity shops, vases and trinket trays are always easy finds and can really dress up any space in your house. I am a big lover of wicker baskets also (particularly for my classroom) and charity shops have them far cheaper than any home store.


I seem to have my go to charity shops which I usually know I will find something good in. Unfortunately for me they are spread out so I usually only visit one at a time. Charity shops are constantly getting new donations so it is always worth popping back regularly.


You can really find some amazing bargains in the shoe section, I recently went into one charity shop and there were vans, converse and some barely worn new look boots; none of which were over £5.00. Unfortunately none of which were in my size.

Lizzie Florence Charity Shop Tips

Lizzie Florence Charity Shop Tips


Denim Jacket | Local Shop | £9.99 | similar here

Black Denim | Shirt Boohoo | £20.00 | buy here

So there are some more little words of wisdom for when your in the charity shops. If you have any top tips feel free to comment below to share with others and myself!

Or tell me what your best charity shop find is because I’d love to hear about it!


Lizzie Florence x.o

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